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5 Activities For Your Summer Vacation – Baby Friendly!

Warm weather and family time go hand in hand. Grab your little one and check out some of these fun summer activities that are perfect for babies.

1. The Zoo

Adults and children alike can both enjoy a day at the zoo. Parents will get some exercise and sunshine, while teaching their babies about each animal that they visit.

2. The Park

You may decide to walk your little one in a stroller and soak in the fresh air and warm breeze while at the park to explore the sights and sounds.

Watch them squeal with delight when you push them in one of the baby swings that many parks now have.

3. Beach Day

If you are in the mood for a true summer activity, then head to your nearest beach. Pack an umbrella for baby to sit under to keep them from overheating or getting sunburned.

Let them feel the sand between their toes and the water lapping at their feet. Your child will watch in amazement when you show them how to build a sandcastle for the first time.

4. Bubble Blowing

A bottle of bubbles is very inexpensive and can give you and your baby lots of giggles and excitement. If they are old enough, teach them how to blow them on their own. If they are still small, then astound them by blowing lots of bubbles all at once to surround them. Watch them laugh when you pop them!

5. Pack A Picnic

Grab a blanket, some finger foods and beverages and enjoy a perfect picnic. If you don’t want to travel anywhere, you can picnic in your own yard. Your baby will love being outdoors and playing in the grass. Mums can relax and soak in some Vitamin D while spending quality time together.


The ideas listed above should help you fill your summer days with lots of fun, laughter and new experiences.

While you are out in the sun, don’t forget to protect baby’s delicate skin with sunscreen and lightweight, breathable clothing. This will keep them cool and stylish at the same time.


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