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7 Fantastic Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep

A baby who lacks sleep, means that mum isn’t sleeping either. Caring for a baby without any sleep will drain mothers not only physically but mentally as well.

Let’s take a look at how you can ease your little one into dreamland:

1. Lighting Is Important

Regulate your baby’s internal clock by adjusting the lighting to the sleep schedule you desire.

Make sure the lights are bright during the day and the rooms dim in the evening and at naptime. Purchase dimmer switches at your local hardware store, which are very simple to install.

2. Infant Massage

According to Parent’s Magazine, researchers have discovered that giving your baby a soothing massage before bedtime, will relax them, helping them sleep. For the child’s protection, use an oil that is approved for use on baby’s delicate skin.

You can find an example of how to give an infant massage here.

3. Bath

A warm bath right before you put baby to sleep will them drowsy. Avoid playing with toys and talking a lot. Keep your voice soothing and gently bathe your little one so they are completely relaxed and not over stimulated.

4. Sounds

Since newborns are accustomed to hearing their mum’s heartbeat and other noises from inside the body, silence may be uncomfortable for them.

Try using white noise or nature sounds from a sound machine. You could also place a fan outside their room so they can hear the noise, but won’t get too cold from the breeze.

5. Clothing

Your baby’s clothing should not make them feel hot or cause them to perspire. Opt for pajamas and clothing made of organic fabric to ensure it is breathable and keeps your child cool and comfortable.

You can find handmade organic baby clothing here in many different styles for girls and boys.

6. Absorbent Diapers

The diaper you baby sleeps in should stay dry through the night. If the diapers you are using feel wet on the skin, then chances are your child will wake up because it becomes uncomfortable. If you want your baby to sleep, then dryness is key. It is worth spending a little more money to ensure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

7. Avoid Eye Contact

Looking your baby in the eye will stimulate them, encouraging them to stay awake. Avoid looking directly into their eyes when it is time to go to sleep.



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