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Maman Gâteau *A Love that Blooms Forever

Love cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. 

A mother’s love — fierce, courageous, steadfast — has remained a sacred concept in our culture.

Our parenting styles are often reflections of our upbringing, yet many of us vow to never become a mirror of our mothers.

If you reach deep enough, you’ll discover the essence of your true mothering style in the depths of your soul. Call gently to her, and she will awaken.

For me, Cindy Theodore — founder of Maman Gâteau — the mother is the gardener of the family. She plants seeds, cultivates the saplings and the little buds, waters them, feeds them and proudly watches them flourish.

She is the one who eternally nurtures, tunes in with cycles and seasons, sings sweetly with the birds, and tells stories straight from dream land…

Handcrafted Baby Essentials Showcasing Amazing African Prints

The concept behind Maman Gâteau came to life 5 years ago when I gave birth to my first son Toussaint. Designing and creating vibrant baby essentials was second nature to me — when my child required a new item, I was determined to make it.

Using glorious African prints, bursting with colours and good vibrations, I began making discreet outdoors breastfeeding covers and dribble bibs that provided more coverage than those being sold in the baby industry. Soon I realised that my friends all wanted these products and so Maman Gâteau was seeded!

In just under a year, my little business developed an excellent reputation for offering the best African bibs in the market. We shipped thousands of fun and funky Bibo™ bibs to homes across the globe, connecting with a community of passionate mothers seeking original and stylish baby goods.

Soon after, the Maman Gâteau line began offering clutch-style changing mats and blankets and teething rings all made from delicious African fabrics, dancing with colours and patterns.

I feel so much joy every time I pack parcels and ship them with an exquisite affirmation card to motivate and inspire  amazing mamas. I love that from my creative garden, I can offer goods to other women that will benefit their babes and positively impact the motherhood experience.

Cindy X

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