Our bibs

All Maman Gâteau products are 100% handmade, in UK. The fabric have been pre-shrunk and will not distort shape in the washer or dryer.

Our funky bibs with adjustable neck and unbleached bamboo backing will not only keep your baby’s beautiful clothes clean for longer – they add to baby’s fashionable look!

Design Features:
*Press stud fastener on side to make it easy to put on baby. We use high quality snaps made from polyacetal resin which is an extremely strong and durable type of plastic and they are Oekotex Certified. 

*Adjustable neck                                                                      
*Unbleached bamboo backing for extra absorbancy

*Bright, funky fabrics to add style to baby’s outfit
*Machine wash

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is the most sustainable all-natural plant fibre on earth with amazing silky softness.

Naturally organic: bamboo is grown without pesticide or fertilisers unlike conventional cotton.
-Eco-friendly: bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than equivalent stands of trees. B
amboo uses much less water than cotton and doesn’t need pesticides.
-Breathable:  the porous nature of the fibre makes it breathable & extremely comfortable against the skin. 
-Thermo-regulating: keeping baby’s neck warm in winter and cool in the summer.
Hypoallergenic: bamboo’s organic & natural properties make it non irritating so perfect for babies extra sensitive skin; particularly suitable for babies & children with eczema. 
-Sustainable: bamboo is the world fastest growing-plant, growing up to a metre in a day. Being a grass, once cut Bamboo will regenerate in the same way as your garden lawn. 

Did you know?

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric has been growing unpopularity because it has many unique properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibre. Bamboo fabric is light and strong, and is to some extent antibacterial. The use of bamboo fibre for clothing was a 20th century development, pioneered by several Chinese corporations.
Bamboo fibre resembles cotton in its unseen form, a puffball of light, airy fibres. Many companies use extensive bleaching processes to turn bamboo fibre white, although companies producing organic bamboo fabric leave the bamboo fibre unbleached. To make bamboo fibre, bamboo is heavily pulped until it separates into thin component threads of fibre, which can be spun and dyed for weaving into cloth.
Bamboo fabric is very soft and can be worn directly next to the skin. Many people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibere, such as wool or hemp, do not complain of this issue with bamboo. The fibre is naturally smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.

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