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Why Handmade Means Better Quality?

In this day and age, most items that we purchase are created on factory assembly lines. Hence, there is no individuality or artistic creativity involved. Each piece looks virtually the same with no attention to detail.

On the contrary, every item of handmade clothing is unique, and will encompass the individuality of the seamstress, in addition to the outfit itself.

Let’s take a deeper look into why handmade clothing is the best choice:

Recognizable Style

Most artisans have their own style of clothing that others will recognize and become familiar with. Their designs are like a walking billboard of their work. People will notice the quality and patience that it took to create the handmade clothing. They will be able to put a face or a brand to it immediately.


When one holds or wears a handmade item, they can feel the dedication and hard work that went into the garment. Furthermore, there is a sense of pride that is established when a piece of clothing is created from the mind of the designer.


When looking at the label on a handmade item, you won’t just see the name of a country. You will see the name of the actual artisan or the name of their personal clothing brand. You know where your garment comes from and that it didn’t originate from a sweatshop that pays it’s workers poorly.

Connection With The Designer

Many local clothing designers are willing to accept special requests for their handmade items. If a potential customer is interested in a particular detail, oftentimes the artisan will work with them to create a custom piece to their specifications.


Handmade clothing is not just for adults. As a result,  Maman Gâteau is proudly offers high quality, handmade baby essentials that every mum will love. Hand stitched in the UK from authentic, organic African fabric, you will find a wide selection of prints and styles to choose from.

Some of the items featured by Maman Gâteau are: Bandana Dribble Bibs, Changing Mats, Teething rings.

Additionally, your child be well dressed in style. You will also feel confident in knowing that you have helped an independent artist fulfill their dream by sharing their talent with the world.

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